Full Architectural Service: from concept through planning, building regulations, structural design and construction / fabrication details.

  • Primarily, we set out to design buildings and structures that are elegant, considered and honest.
  • Timber structures exert a strong influence on the design of a building. Taking this into account at the concept stage is vital to a successful and coherent design.
  • The advantages of taking the construction method into account early on becomes evident after planning permission has been granted and the project enters the detailed design phase. This is especially true for projects constructed largely off-site where much of the detail is predetermined and precise.
  • Timber Architecture is often constructed off-site with the many benefits that this brings. The requirement for the design to be predetermined and well thought through fits well with our design philosophy of considering the building as a product - the bringing together of parts.

Consultation: on projects requiring specialist input on the timber elements of an architectural design.

  • Where timber forms part of a complex scheme and the architect does not have access to the skills in house, Dadijaya provides consultation on structural concept, fabrication strategy and detail design.

Visualization: Computer modeling and rendering to aid the design & planning process.

  • We have built up in house imaging techniques to aid the design and visualization of our own work. We also offer this as a service to external architects and engineers where timber forms an important part of the project.


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