Pre-Cut Buildings


  • Wide range of buildings, from gazebos and playhouses to grand scale estates.
  • Buildings designed to western building codes, and all are pre-cut from a range of tropical hard woods.
  • All are resistant to mildew, dryrot and termite.
  • Supplied from basic structures to fully finished and furnished homes.
  • Structures are pre-cut, containerized and shipped KD.

We have minimum size for gazebo: 8'-0" x 12'-0" and Standard house 750 sq./ft. single level, 1500 sq./ft. double level.

We also have a team of CAD draftsmen who prepare 3D shop drawings of the prefabricated elements based on the concept or design development drawings supplied to us.


Although we are able to develop construction drawings from clients sketches, all projects ultimately must comply with the local laws at their destination site, and have to be submitted by an approved architect or engineer from that area, so this relationship must be attended to at an early stage.

We are able to develop quickly detailed drawings from very basic sketches.

All of our drawing work is free of charge.

The timbers we use are high strength hardwoods and we assist engineers to make the calculations to obtain the structural solutions for statutory authority approval.

The quality of our workmanship is extremely high and clients are able to obtain a standard of construction that is becoming very rare without high costs.

All structures are supplied in their natural, tropical hardwood finish. All materials accept stain, paint and oil finishes .

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